Stick with the principles of your investment strategy

Barrack Yard Advisors Core Strategy invests primarily in individual equities, fixed income instruments and cash. It is not constrained by geography, market capitalization, or credit ratings.

Core Strategy features:

Strategic Principles 
Core Strategy is anchored in Enduring Principles:

  • Valuation matters
  • Investing is Not Gambling, If You Give It Time
  • The source of investment returns is derived from a company’s internal value creation
  • Your own temperament is the greatest factor in achieving a successful financial life
  • Managing long-term funds to short-term concerns is a self-imposed Paradox to be avoided
  • Our focus on individual businesses allows us to concentrate on companies that meet our yield requirements

Extensive research precedes any investment and is part of the investment process:

  • Use focused research to guide us toward opportunities
  • Identify major global themes in which companies can potentially prosper
  • View ‘Predictive attributes,’ Patience and Compounding as powerful long term investing tools
  • Purchase securities only if price is attractive (Representative Holdings)

Risk Management
Robust risk management philosophy based on three principles:

  • Investors cannot predict the future; therefore, use a protective approach
  • Buy quality at a reasonable price; all else on a bargain basis, or not at all
  • Leave the crowd behind: worry when things look good, embrace optimism when they don’t

Barrack Yard Advisors monitors investment positions constantly. Cash is integral to our risk mitigation process. Securities are sold if they reach high valuations, if the general level of prices appear high, or if we believe we have made a mistake.