Marty Leclerc speaks on the Radio to MoneyLife host Chuck Jaffe…
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Will 2013 Be a Better Year for Your Portfolio?
Fox Business Video 12/31/2012

Barrack Yard Advisors CIO Martin Leclerc spoke to Fox Business’ Gerri Willis of the Willis Report on December 31, 2012…
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With Edge of Fiscal Cliff in Sight, Still No Deal
U.S. News & World Report 12/31/2012

On December 31, 2012, Rob Silverblatt of U.S. News & World Report quoted Marty Leclerc on the Fiscal Cliff…
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Wall Street Rallies as Washington Dithers
Barron’s 12/22/2012

On December 22, 2012, Barron’s Vito Racanelli wrote about the ICE/NYSE merger and quoted Marty Leclerc…
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Transport Bill Lifts Engineering Stocks as Cuts Loom
Bloomberg 12/21/2012

On December 21, 2012 Marty Leclerc shared his thoughts with Bloomberg
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Don’t Get Suckered Into This Bubble
Wall Street Week 12/11/2012

Marty Leclerc, Managing Partner at Barrack Yard Advisors in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, talks with Wall Street Week’s Al Berkeley about the challenges facing retirees in a low interest rate enviornment…
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US Equities Volatile on Fiscal Cliff Talks
Financial Times 11/29/2012

On November 29, 2012, Marty Leclerc was quoted in the FT…
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Countdown to the Closing Bell
Fox Business Network 10/25/2012

Marty Leclerc was the featured guest on “Countdown to the Closing Bell” with Liz Claman on the Fox Business Network. Below please find a link to one of the segments.
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Hays Advantage
Bloomberg Radio 10/2012

In early October Marty was interviewed by Vonnie Quinn on the “Hays Advantage” Program. Please click the attached file to listen in…
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Wall Street Journal
Market Watch 10/19/2012

On October 19th, Martin Leclerc, Barrack Yard Advisors was quoted in the Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch Article, “10 Lessons from the crash of 1987” (Lesson #3) . Below is a link to the article:
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New York Times

On September 27th, Martin Leclerc, Barrack Yard Advisors was quoted in the New York Times. Talks of shifting money and the potential fiscal cliff.
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The Wall Street Report
Kiplinger’s Personal Finance 9/18/2012

Marty Leclerc appears with Jennifer Schonberger to discuss the Outlook for the U.S. Economy & Stock Market this Fall. With concerns about American debt levels and Europe in recession, Marty talks about the current malaise and where he sees opportunity.
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National Business Report
PBS 9/12/2012

Marty Leclerc discusses value investing and two ideas from the Barrack Yard Core Portfolio on PBS’ Nightly Business Report.
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The Wall Street Journal 8/13/2012

Marty Leclerc talks with Alisa Parenti in MarketWatch News Break on how investors are dealing with several uncertainties, and one of the biggest is the looming fiscal cliff.
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P&G Beats Estimates, But Tough Outlook May Give Ackman Ammo For Change
Forbes 08/03/2012

“…Martin Leclerc, chief investment officer at Barrack Yard Advisors in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, and a P&G shareholder, argues that…”
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Investors can’t ignore Iran. Next Black Swan?
CNN Money 07/26/2012

“…There are lots of risks in the short-term for the market. But the unknown known, if you will, is Iran,” Leclerc said. “The sanctions are working and that is having a negative effect on Iran’s economy. The Mullahs may have to…”
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Tech Shares Lead Broad Stock Advance
CNN Money 07/18/2012

“…Overall, investors are grappling with an uncertain outlook for Europe and a looming fiscal crisis in the United States, said Martin Leclerc…”
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6 Reasons Why Day-Trading Your 401k is a Recipe for Disaster
Forbes 07/10/2012

“…And predicting daily stock price movements is known by another name: gambling,” LeClerc said…”
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Stock market hiccup: not so much about health-care decision
The Christian Science Monitor 06/28/2012

“…The conventional wisdom was that a conservative activist court would undo a liberal piece of legislation,” says Marty Leclerc, chief investment officer…” 
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Casual Restaurant Stocks Rally Even With Weak U.S. Demand
Bloomberg News 06/20/2012
“…only so-called blue-chip operator in this industry, is selling at a “reasonable valuation,” Leclerc said. “But given the economic environment, there may be better investment opportunities elsewhere.”
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Euro Crisis: Rising Spanish Borrowing Costs Overshadow Greek Elections
Forbes 06/18/2012

“…We don’t believe this is a ‘Lehman moment’ for the European debt crisis,” says Martin Leclerc…”
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Greek Election: ‘Lehman Moment’ Averted, For Now
Wall Street Journal 06/03/2012

“…Greece remains corrupt, over-indebted, and uncompetitive,” said Martin Leclerc, portfolio manager at Barrack Yard Advisors…”
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